GoLinks unveils GoSearch, an AI-powered search tool for the modern enterprise

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GoLinks, a Y Combinator-backed startup renowned for simplifying team resource sharing, today unveiled GoSearch—an artificial intelligence-powered search engine aimed at transforming how companies access and manage their internal data.

This launch comes at a moment when enterprises are increasingly having to grapple with information sprawl across an ever-growing stack of software applications. Jorge Zamora, the visionary founder of GoLinks, recently highlighted the product’s timeliness in an interview with VentureBeat, noting the escalating inefficiencies in large organizations working across apps: “The average enterprise now juggles 137 SaaS applications, with employees losing up to five weeks per year merely trying to locate information,” he explained.

GoSearch steps in as a potential panacea for this pervasive issue in large companies and organizations. Unlike traditional enterprise search tools that index all data regardless of its relevance or sensitivity, GoSearch promises a nuanced approach, indexing only documents available to every employee. This design choice aligns with the growing need for tools that respect both accessibility and privacy in today’s data-sensitive business environments.

Credit: GoLinks

Zamora shed light on how AI is used as a fundamental component of the new service, GoSearch. He explained that GoSearch can find documents like a traditional search engine, but it can also understand your intent, summarizing content and augmenting data with relevant additional information when necessary. This extra capability could significantly reduce cognitive overload for employees, presenting not just a list of documents but an integrated view of the information they’re looking for.

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For example, if an employee searches, “How do I reset my password?”, GoSearch will retrieve password policy documents, walk the employee step-by-step through how to start an IT ticket, or even suggest a person to contact in an emergency. Other examples of possible searches include questions such as, “What are our company holidays?” or “Who is the head of accounting and how can I contact them?”

What sets GoSearch further apart is its real-time indexing feature and compatibility with over 100 data sources, including giants like Google Workspace and Salesforce. This interoperability is a massive boon for companies that have become digital ecosystems comprising disparate software solutions. By offering a cohesive search experience across these platforms, GoSearch is poised to become an indispensable tool in the knowledge worker’s arsenal.

“The GoSearch team has been fueling the productivity of industry leaders such as Asana, Moderna, and Opendoor through the innovative use of GoLinks. Now, they are poised to elevate knowledge accessibility to new heights with the introduction of GoSearch,” Zamora explained.

In addition to the features already making waves, GoLinks has recently integrated a groundbreaking multimodal chat feature into GoSearch, leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology. This new addition, based on the recently released GPT4-Turbo-Vision model, is set to further differentiate GoSearch from its competitors. The multimodal generative AI allows users to build custom enterprise GPTs tailored specifically to their company’s data and workflow needs, whether it be for customer support or technical solutions.

Multimodal search essentially allows queries through images, screenshots, notes, URLs and more. An employee could theoretically take a photo of a whiteboard brainstorm or a design sketch and instantly find related documents.

This technology unlocks the full potential of a company’s collective knowledge, as GoSearch is able to aggregate and summarize results from across apps based on visual information. The multimodal features underscore GoLinks’ pioneering use of AI to create a profoundly intuitive search experience.

GoLinks’ commitment to privacy is also expected to be a major draw for industries with stringent confidentiality requirements, such as finance and healthcare. GoSearch’s selective indexing approach ensures that personal and corporate data are shielded, addressing a critical concern in an era where data breaches are not just costly but also damaging to reputations.

A unified approach to data management

The enterprise search market is ripe for innovation, and GoSearch’s intelligent and secure solution positions GoLinks as a potential game-changer. Its introduction represents a significant strategic expansion for the company, which is already celebrated for its custom short links that simplify the navigation of digital resources.

With a substantial $27.2 million in funding from notable investors including Mayfield and Ludlow Ventures, GoLinks is well-equipped to advance its product development. The company’s ambition to democratize access to sophisticated enterprise tools, akin to those used by tech juggernauts like Facebook and Google, is commendable and could signal a shift in how companies of all sizes approach productivity and data management.

In short, the introduction of GoSearch by GoLinks could mark a sea change in the enterprise search sector. By harnessing the power of AI to deliver more precise and context-aware search results, GoSearch is not just another tool; it’s potentially a shift in the paradigm of how information is retrieved and utilized in the workplace. The implications of reducing the time spent by employees on information retrieval are vast, with potential ripple effects on productivity and enterprise efficiency.

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