OpenAI announces customizable ‘GPTs’ for businesses and consumers

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OpenAI, the company behind viral chatbot ChatGPT, announced today the launch of customizable AI agents called “GPTs.” These new tools allow anyone to create tailored versions of ChatGPT for specific purposes without needing to code.

The move signals OpenAI’s continued push into enterprise AI and efforts to monetize its popular technology. While ChatGPT itself is free, GPTs will be available only to paying subscribers of ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise.

Image Credit: OpenAI

GPTs let users customize ChatGPT for specific needs

According to the company, GPTs let users combine instructions, additional knowledge, and skills for more customized interactions. For businesses, GPTs can be designed for individual departments, proprietary data sets, and specialized use cases like marketing, research, and onboarding new employees.

“GPTs answer this call by allowing you to create versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases, departments, or proprietary datasets,” OpenAI said in a statement emailed to VentureBeat. “Early customers like Amgen, Bain, and Square are already leveraging internal GPTs.”

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The launch comes amid surging interest in generative AI following ChatGPT’s viral debut in November. However, experts say businesses have been cautious about deploying the technology due to concerns over data privacy, security risks, and unproven benefits.

GPTs seen as making AI more actionable for enterprises

GPTs represent a big step forward in making AI actionable for enterprises. Being able to customize the model for specific use cases makes the value proposition much clearer.

However, generative AI still faces hurdles to widespread business adoption. There are open questions around how to integrate it with existing systems and how to measure ROI. But tools like GPTs will accelerate experimentation.

Image Credit: OpenAI

GPTs also available for individual consumers

GPTs also expand OpenAI’s offerings for individual consumers. Users can build GPTs themselves or access pre-made ones through the upcoming GPT Store. OpenAI says GPTs can help with specific tasks like learning board game rules, teaching kids math, or designing stickers.

The launch comes amid heightened scrutiny around AI safety and ethics. OpenAI said GPTs were built with privacy protections, though some experts remain concerned about potential misuse of the technology.

The introduction of GPTs represents a major step forward in the personalization and democratization of AI technology. It allows users to tailor AI chatbots to their specific needs and opens up new possibilities for AI application in both personal and professional spheres. As AI continues to become more integrated into our daily lives, customizable AI tools like GPTs will likely play an increasingly important role.

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