Writer launches no-code platform and framework for custom enterprise AI applications

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Writer, the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises, today announced a major expansion of its offerings with the launch of a suite of developer tools called AI Studio, and the Writer Framework, a new tool that enables companies to rapidly build and deploy custom generative AI applications. The company also unveiled new API endpoints and acquired Streamsync, a platform for building real-time applications, which will now be integrated into the Writer Framework.

These moves position Writer as a one-stop shop for enterprise AI management and represent a significant push by the 200-person company to make generative AI more accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes.

“Writing and describing what you want—natural language—is the new programming language,” said May Habib, co-founder and CEO of Writer, in an interview with VentureBeat. “The users inside the enterprise, who have the most context for how something should look, how something should work, what the output should be…they’re not engineers. But we have to bring the AI engineer together with the business user to actually build, design, and deploy.”

Empowering developers to build custom AI apps with ease

The more groundbreaking announcement of the two may be the release of Writer Framework, a drag-and-drop development environment bundled with Writer AI Studio that allows developers to quickly create custom AI-powered applications by connecting pre-built UI components to generative AI models, with the full flexibility to customize the underlying code. 

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“This was really built by developers for developers,” Sam Julien, head of developer relations at Writer, told VentureBeat. “We’re giving them familiar tools like drag and drop interface and Python and API endpoints, to where it just becomes another part of application development instead of having to become an expert in these areas.”

Writer Framework supports the full Python ecosystem and gives developers granular control over prompts, with the ability to edit generative AI flows in their preferred code editor. “It’s all based on APIs. You could bring in any data that has an API into it, because you’re building it yourself,” Julien told VentureBeat. “That’s one of the cool things about having the framework and the APIs and SDKs — we’re giving you the generative AI toolbox, but then you’re just able to do whatever app development you want.”

From product descriptions to chatbots: The versatility of Writer Framework

Several customers are already using Writer Framework to power innovative applications. Adore Me, an online lingerie retailer, created a product description generator that translates descriptions into multiple languages and formats while automatically surfacing top SEO keywords. Other early use cases include social media post generators, spreadsheet-based content workflows, and internal knowledge management chatbots.

Writer’s Studio platform and Framework underscore the growing demand for enterprises to operationalize generative AI and develop practical applications that drive business value. As large language models become increasingly commoditized, the companies that can build robust infrastructure and user-friendly tooling around the core AI may have an edge.

“We’re bringing down the barriers for the average developer at any enterprise company to be able to build with AI, without having to become experts in large language models or AI infrastructure,” said Julien. “That’s really our bigger vision.”

Founded in 2020, Writer has raised $126 million in venture funding from ICONIQ Growth, WndrCo, Insight Partners, Gradient Ventures and others. The startup has found traction selling to large enterprises, counting Accenture, Deloitte, and Intuit among its customers. With Writer AI Studio and Writer Framework, the company aims to make generative AI more accessible and useful to a broader range of businesses and developers.